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Senator Barak Obama has given the Latino voter the power to change our political future for the first time in forty years.

We have as Latinos been recognized as a political force in this presidential campaign. He has set aside 20 million dollars to get our voters to learn how to vote and to vote for the Democratic party candidates. We know that 20 million is not enough to make up for forty years of neglect and being ignored by the Beltway democrats. Now is the time for us to show that loyalty is a two way street.

OBAMANOS.US! Is dedicated to raising an additional 20 million dollars to help in the campaign.  We know that if we as Latinos that we can meet the challenge.

This site is a portal for all Latino Obama sites that are dedicated to electing Barak Obama and helping to raise money for the Latino vote and getting voters registered to vote. To link to this site send your link to our email below and we will add you to this site upon confirmation that you agree to meet out goals.



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Email: Info@Obamanos.us


Steven J. Ybarra JD

Chair DNC Hispanic Caucus

Voting Rights Committee

PO Box 367

Sacramento, CA 95812